Sunny Days

by The Alchemists

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released July 21, 2012



all rights reserved


The Alchemists Volta Redonda, Brazil

Pós-Punx Contemporâneo

Neno -Guitar/Vocal, Rafa - Guitar/Vocal,
Vinicius -Bass/Vocal, Dissú - Bateria

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Track Name: Dead Veins
Frozen and stop and i can't never get the people to understand
No never understand
When you all asking for who created
And who's lead the people to blame

Dead Veins

One to follow when you know he'll never coming back
Its so hard to coming back
Scared child never get live a life
Waiting for his satisfy
Track Name: Miserable
What does she need?
I really didn't know
We're searching for answers
That we never found before

She got my life but not my soul

You make me so miserable

Walking side by side
When she feel in love
Betrayal hearts sucking me more and more

An endless lie you seems to know
Track Name: 1984
1984 And the flames still burns
What should i hope to the life this time?
Sitting in the same place
Laughing at the same jokes
Playing the same games

"I lived more than Ian
But i fell depressed like Curtis"
I feel so closer the end
Laid down on solitudes hand

I can't erase my past to do something new
And i can't erase my past to do something new

It could be another place?
It could be another life?
It could be another year?
But the plans has changed now!

1984, 1984!
Track Name: Little Town
One the side of river
Life get harder day by day
No more shows
No one smiling
I've been judge once again

I know you're watching me
Little town
I know they hate me
Little town

No way out...
Track Name: Sunny days
I'll never lead this situation like you always do.
And i don't need to take approach for something i'm right
Make me understand where you've been i'll never take this way
Waking up on summer's end

"sunny days i'll never forget"
Track Name: Monster I Created
We opened our eyes before the darkness come alive
All the money i get and places that i was hide
Monster i created
"Everything's beauty and sorrow
Wasted friends and broken bottles"
I buried my frustations somehow you can't see
Monster i've became

Sweet eyes to see we were sold!
Track Name: Tonight
We're living on the streets
That they never crossed befor
We dreamt about the life
We never worth for
Walk away under silver moon
I wishing never
If you never felt the change
Show me waht you live for!!

Love is the same
But i guess tha feeling's changed
Running ans stand
Modern girl old fashioned man